Inspired Lunacy

Adbusters magazine is no stranger to high-concept one-day actions. Call them provocations, call them statements. Call them invitations to live with greater depth, meaning and resistance.

The calling-card example is Buy Nothing Day, an international protest against runamok consumerism held, not coincidentally, on Nov. 29 — “Black Friday”— one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Then there was Occupy Silicon Valley a one-day jam built on the back of the Occupy Wall Street movement. OSV may not have achieved its sweetly overambitious aim of “shutting down big tech for a day,” but some of the recommended interventions were inspired. In one, folks were encouraged to log on to Facebook and “report a problem.” You’d then attach an invoice, billed to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for wasted time and personal-health costs. “We demand payback for the billions of dollars Facebook has made from us over the years.”

The current campaign is called “Moonstruck” — a monthly digital detox coincident with each full moon. On “Moonday,” Adbusters suggests, let your inner pagan warrior howl.

“By connecting to the quiet moments and introspective thought oft overtaken by digital chaos, we can invite our inner wild spirit to move us to action. This is how we take back the world — beginning with our minds — for ourselves.

“Remember you are not alone on this ancient land. We are interconnected in a web of life that has preceded this moment for millions of years. As long as the full moon lives, so will this digi-age tradition. For 24 hours, we dance, howl and run, sit, stare, and think. On Moonday, we live!”

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