Walk the Longest Street in Town


Toronto’s Yonge Street isn’t just a long street. At 86 km, it’s the longest street in Canada, and one of the longest streets in the world.

That makes what Kyle Park and Michael Carnevale did this past May long weekend pretty impressive. At twelve midnight on Saturday the two friends set out from the TorStar building at Queen’s Quay, heading north. Twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes later, they shook on a day well spent. Exhausted, sunburned, and looking, frankly, like they’d been pulled through a knothole backwards, they limped to the finish line and crashed at Kyle’s Aunt’s place in Barrie.

Why’d they do it? To see if they could. And to prove, as Park told a reporter from Vice magazine afterward, that “you can have an adventure just walking up Yonge Street. The party is within yourself. Good vibes only.”

Park and Carnevale are already hatching a follow-up Big Day — this time on water, with the Jackass quotient cranked up a notch. What if they hopped in inflatable rafts and paddled to Niagara Falls, and then let the rafts go over?

High-minded? Not so much. An antidote to the motorized, mediated consumerist grind? Absolutely.

Here’s a funny account of the day

(Image courtesy Vice.com)

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